California is a disaster-prone state, and it’s getting worse - from the ever-present risk of earthquakes to climate-change-driven crises like wildfires, extreme heat, and drought. 

Yet, these disasters do not treat all people equally. Frontline communities—Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, immigrants, non-English speakers, lower-income families and individuals, people with disabilities, and seniors—all suffer disproportionate impacts of disasters due to systemic racism that has forced them to live in more vulnerable locations and conditions. For example, wealthier and often whiter communities live in the hills, while lower-income people are forced to live on flatlands near the water, often facing flooding and sea-level rise. Even affordable housing has a greater chance of flooding than regular homes. Learn more about frontline communities.

Community Powered Resilience is a different way of planning for and recovering from disasters. It’s about investing in frontline communities, following their lead, listening to their solutions, and redirecting resources to ensure the next wildfire, flood, or earthquake is not a disaster for them. Throughout this website, the core audiences of local government, philanthropy, and community organizations are offered actions to deliver equitable resilience throughout California. Tips and tools are also included for individuals on the frontline to help them prepare and recover from disasters. Ultimately, this website is for everyone because everyone plays a part in disaster planning and recovery. 

This website is one piece of the Community Powered Resilience initiative. Changing the way California responds to and recovers from disasters will take time and close collaboration.  This website seeks to offer opportunities for connection, information sharing, and learning together. Still, it is a tool that will be most valuable through active use and participation by the communities it seeks to serve. Please join the Community Powered Resilience initiative and be part of this important work! 

This website is a living document, and with your help, it can be a valuable resource as part of the Community Powered Resilience program. Share your experiences and ideas with us. Use our Writing Goals and Principles to learn how we write for this website. 

Thank you to all of our contributors who have made this website possible so far.