Resilient Bayview Health and Resilience Neighborfest

Aug 26, 2021

About Resilient Bayview Health and Resilience Neighborfest 

Bayview-Hunter’s Point is a neighborhood in southeast San Francisco County. It has a long history that continues today of suffering environmental harms from several industries: slaughterhouses, shipbuilding, irradiation from nuclear weapon testing, and coal and oil-fired power plants. During World War II, the U.S. Navy recruited African Americans to Bayview-Hunter’s Point to work in the shipyard. After the war, African American migration to the neighborhood continued because of racial segregation and discriminatory housing policies. Later, African Americans were displaced from redevelopment efforts in other parts of San Francisco and were relocated to Bayview-Hunter’s Point. It became the neighborhood in San Francisco with the highest percentage of African Americans and remains predominately a community of color. 

Resilient Bayview is a group of non‐profits, small businesses, faith‐based organizations, universities, residents, and city agency stakeholders that came together to create a vision for the Bayview that ensures the health and well-being of all residents and local agencies. The group has created a Resilience Action Plan that inventories the goals and objectives that will guide its efforts to empower local agencies and residents to prepare for and recover from disasters of any size. 

One of their recurring efforts is an annual Resilient Bayview Neighborfest, an outdoor resource fair that provides residents opportunities to connect, build capacity, and gather resources.  

Impact on frontline communities

Neighborfest is run by groups that live in the neighborhood. And it turns resilience into a fun, engaging, community event for people of all ages. People can collect resources, come together to discuss important topics, and access services. A few exciting outcomes of the last event: 

  • 45 residents trained in hands-only CPR, 
  • vendors gave 50+ survival toolkits, 20 emergency backpacks, 20 earthquake preparedness kits, and 17 smoke alarms. 
  • SFSU Nursing provided diabetes and blood pressure screenings, and 
  • Resilient Bayview launched the Resilient Heatwave Strategy, introducing five cooling center locations to the Bayview. 

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