Filing a price gouging complaint with the State

About price gouging 

Price gouging is when a seller of goods and services increases the prices higher than what’s considered reasonable or fair. This often happens after a shock, such as a disaster, when the prices of basic necessities go up, or vendors or contractors charge more for services and supplies. This practice puts communities undergoing disaster response and recovery at grave risk. Read this article about price gouging after the 2017 North Bay fires

Impact on frontline communities  

Price gouging has a terrible impact on communities recovering from a disaster. It makes it much harder for them to begin rebuilding their lives. Price gouging hurts frontline communities who were often trying to make ends meet even before the disaster. It is also morally offensive, taking advantage of a terrible situation for the sake of profit.  

How to file a complaint  

California law generally prohibits charging a price that exceeds, by more than 10%, the price of an item before a state or local declaration of emergency.  This also applies to rent. If you encounter price gouging, file a complaint using this simple form on the website of the California State Attorney General

Actions to take  

  • Share this information with others currently facing disasters or in the recovery process.